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About Paws

Pioneering a New Era of Pet-Friendly Travel 

Will & Dylan

Welcome to Paws Airlines, where your furry companions are family, not cargo. 


Founded by Nashville-based Will Edwards, a music industry executive and passionate pet parent, along with his daughter Dylan, Paws Airlines was born out of a deep love for pets and the desire to provide a stress-free and comfortable travel experience for everyone you love, including your four-legged friends. 


With a strong commitment to everyone's safety and well-being, Will understands the challenges and anxieties families face when it comes to air travel. His personal experiences inspired the creation of Paws Airlines, after spending time in the Caribbean and found himself trying to find a safe, achievable, modern way for his own beloved furry besties to join him. 


At Paws Airlines, we prioritize the comfort and happiness of your pets, offering an accessible, comfortable, pet-friendly flying experience unlike any other. Our mission is to redefine pet travel by providing safe and enjoyable flights into the sunny Caribbean, where pets are treated inflight with the care and attention they deserve. Join us on Paws Airlines and experience a new standard of flying where everyone has a first class ticket. 

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