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The Gulfstream GIV-SP is an upgraded version of the successful Gulfstream GIV (IV). It is an ultra-luxurious, ultra-long-range business jet capable of carrying passengers up for eight-and-a-half hours non-stop, completing flights from New York to Tokyo and London to Singapore with ease.


Seating: 16

Cabin HT/WD/LT: 6.1FT x 8.4FT x 40.6FT

Lavatory: Enclosed

Max Speed: 470 KTS

Max Range: 1800NM

ARG/US Platinum Rated


Complementary Wifi

• 16 executive captain’s chairs

• Full flight attendant galley

• Programable LCD lighting

• Universal power outlets at every seat

• Personal interior storage

Gulfstream layout
Gulfstream Interior
Gulfstream Interior
Gulfstream Interior
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