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"Belize Plz"

New Flights Coming September 2024!!

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Nobody's flying cargo!

Paws Airlines is the premier airline for pet owners who want to fly the Caribbean skies with their furry friends by their side in the cabin.
Our team is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable pet travel for you and pets of all kinds, shapes and sizes. We take pride in our ability to offer the best, safest and most comfortable service to all our in-flight guests.

 Miami - Belize - Miami

Explore BELIZE

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More fun on every flight

Our modern fleet of private aircraft are designed and equipped to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of your furry loved ones.

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Private Terminal in Miami

Our terminal in Miami is one of the best parts of flying with Paws. Leave the insanity of International terminals behind and step into the private, peaceful and beautiful Paws Air terminal at MIA.

Dangers of Cargo for Animals

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For almost all pets, flying in the cargo area of an airplane can be a traumatic experience.

• Extreme temperature swings

Temperatures in cargo can range from 50-100 degrees farenheit (10-40C)

• Total darkness

Cargo holds are dark. There is no lighting during flight in a cargo hold. This can cause extreme stress in animals. 

Poor ventilation.

Flying in cargo is not like being in the cabin. There is limited fresh air circulation and animals are exposed to whatever else 

• Exposure to hazards

Cargo can be anything from lithium batteries, to machine parts. Your precious animals can be exposed to all of the fumes and hazard associated with cargo

• Loneliness

In cargo, you will not have any opportunity to comfort your pet if they need your help, attention or just some affection. 

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